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From the initial consultation to the end of a matter, I guide my clients through the process, whether it is estate planning, probate, or guardian advocacy. Please call or email today to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

Estate Planning


The most important piece of paper you will write that will give you a voice upon your passing and a voice if you become incapacitated is your estate plan. I carefully tailor estate plans to fit my clients' wishes. 

Details are important when it comes to crafting well-thought-out estate plans. Your estate plan is a means for you to protect yourself and your loved ones, preserve your hard-earned assets for those you love, and also minimize risk of disputes from arising in the future before and after your passing. Estate planning is important for individuals and families, with or without children, regardless of income




The court process for administering your loved one's estate is called probate. When someone passes away with assets solely owned in that person's name, without pay-on-death beneficiaries, the person's assets must be probated before distribution can occur. I work closely with my clients in making sure that the probated estate is moved along as expeditiously as possible and that my clients are kept informed each step of the way. 

Guardian Advocacy

Guardian advocacy is a court-administered process of getting guardian advocate(s) appointed over a person with a developmental disability as defined under Florida Statute Chapter 393.063(12). The process involves, but is not limited to, pleadings filed with the circuit court, a court-appointed attorney to represent the best interests of the person with a developmental disability, a credit and criminal history background check, a hearing before a magistrate or judge, order(s) and letters of guardian advocate, and initial and annual plans.

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