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As a probate attorney, I seek to facilitate the probate process as smoothly and as expeditiously as I can for my clients. Non-contested probate may range from an estimated three to six months to up to a year. Contested probate may last a year or longer, depending on various factors. Please call or email today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Probate Consultation


The first step is to call the law office to schedule a consultation. I offer an up to one-hour complimentary consultation with flexibility. 

Court Filings


After the consultation and if a prospective client becomes a client of my law firm, I guide the client through the process of opening the estate and getting the required filings made pursuant to the law. Probate is a procedural area of the law with statutory deadlines and timeframes for filings to be made, as well as due process requirements. I guide my clients step-by-step through the entire process, being accessible for them each step along this journey.

Court Orders and Distribution


At the end of the probate, the court issues the final Order closing out the estate. I keep my clients promptly apprised of any and all Order(s) issued by the court. 

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